SHE\'S SINKING Southern Hardcore Rock


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Posted by bigtaxdizzle (2812 days ago)
Is this the same band as the other flashrocks or a
different with the same name?
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Posted by BRANDONESPINOZA (2815 days ago)
wow you guys are under heavy fire so i wont add to
it,but maybe you dudes should of practiced more before
not bad,need a little more tightening,but
good job greg your shaping up since we last spoke,kudos
to you.
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Posted by 1djarko323 (2815 days ago)
Hey everyone, was forwarded here by a friend, never
really took the chance to watch all the cool vids.
Pretty neat concept.


whatever reason that led me to this god-awful
performance, I must say in truth...this band is
complete shit! Sorry to be honest but I can't really
get past the first song. I can't really make out any of
the playing either through the hot mess these guys are
considering music.

Get back to the practice
room guys and lose the singer. He fucking sucks!
Bassist is pretty bad as well.


To Flashrock,

screen some of these bands before you decide to put
them on air. This is prime example why I had some
hesitation to visit in the first place. Cool concept
though, just obtain better acts.
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Posted by MeganFox (2815 days ago)
Hey K(chris) I think you spelled your name wrong. Its
okay, I forgive. Thanks for that mature comment, you
should probably look up some of the definitions for
those big big words. But all kidding aside. I think its
safe to assume that there are enough REAL people and
comments saying you suck. That is all. Ta'Ta' darling.
You guys really need to change the name to "Beating a
Dead Horse" The bitch already sank.
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Posted by Flashrockfan34 (2815 days ago)
I will admit this is pretty funny and I love how some
of these profiles are old too so you can't just blame
it on people talking shit... well being honest is not
really talking its just being honest.
P.S./>You guys suck.
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Posted by burnthefleet (2815 days ago)
REAL PEOPLE wouldnt listen to this junk in a million
years. and the "singer" couldnt carry a tune if it were
in a freakin bucket.

sorry, a piece of poop
is still a piece of poop. putting rainbow sprinkles on
it DOES NOT make it chocolate. ITS STILL CRAP!/>
should i keep going?
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Posted by SATAN (2816 days ago)
2 of 5 stars
see you in hell fuckers
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Posted by KrisSinking (2816 days ago)
Hey, this is Kris. Yes, the singer of She's Sinking.
I'd like to say that I've been reading through all
these comments with one thing that's really been
bothering me, and it's that there's very few unbiased
opinions. This really bothers me. I'd really like to
know how we did from REAL PEOPLE. Not how our enemies
thought we did, and not how our friends thought we did
either. I'd really like to see a few people say what
they honestly think based on what they saw in the
video, and not how they feel about us as people. Thank
you to all those people who I'm talking about. As for
the people who have been leaving imbecilic comments. I
personally think its very callow of you to say all
these things but not let everybody know who you are. If
your not going to show your face please hide your
paltry comments as well. It's not fair to the people
who are trying to be REAL about what they saw. As it
says at the bottom of this comments section "Please
help keep this site FUN, CLEAR, and REAL..". So I
suggest you make the right decision on these matters
and either let everybody know who you are or don't show
your face around here anymore. Thank you.
/>Also, to clear things up about the member changes.
Bands from all genres go through members, there's very
few who haven't. People sometimes part ways for one
reason or another, it's a way of music life. Personally
I have nothing against any of the past members, if
anything I thank them for helping this band progress as
far as it has, true musicianship has gone into every
line-up this band has had, and has helped everyone who
had a chance to play in it grow. Honest, I tell the
other members in the current SS family pretty often how
I enjoyed the previous vocalists work, it really helped
me grow as a musical artist, just as all the other
local musical artists have.

Last thing. The
bassist in this video played this flashrock event with
2 short practices, without our second guitarist. For
everybody on here, before you make your opinions about
him, please take this into consideration.

hope to see a lot of you guys that enjoyed this in the
future at our shows. Take care, and have a nice night!

-Kris Sinking
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Posted by REDNECK (2817 days ago)
i liked it better with the other members from the 2nd
video,3rds kinda lame
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Posted by EpitaphREcords (2817 days ago)
The russian guy's gonna kill all the haters...he told
me so. =)
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Posted by GARTHHHHH (2817 days ago)
what happened?
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Posted by Sixx (2817 days ago)
i hate it
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Posted by bobsbigboy14 (2818 days ago)
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Posted by rick (2818 days ago)
im defiantly not a fan anymore
i agree with
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Posted by Dangle (2818 days ago)
bash your hands on your keyboards is you want the old
SS back
kwdhwjefij34 qcj4
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Posted by MeganFox (2818 days ago)
Like, oh em gee. You guys are like totally hot like
that one band Blink 182.. In fact you guys are like the
XCore version of Blink 182!!! You just don't know when
to quit. Wow, amazing. great job retards.
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Posted by burnthefleet (2818 days ago)
the Titanic sank in less than 4 hours from an iceberg,
The Lusitania sank in 18 minutes from a german torpedo,
The Edmund Fitzgerald sank in less than a minute in a
storm..... SHES SINKING have had since the day you
started shitting on music to sink and you havent...
please do what the rest of the sinking ships did and
disappear from the face of the planet already. and when
i say dont leave surviors, i mean to never play music
again. have a great day.

so glad the
music scene where i live isnt this lame
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Posted by bullet (2818 days ago)
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Posted by dissasterblaster (2818 days ago)
i couldnt understand 1 word that singer said,you guys
need to get your old singer back.

P.S. what
dork made an epitaph profile hahaha like they'd really
come here,nice try!.
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Posted by D (2818 days ago)
not as good as the last 2 at all,but the guitar still
rocks though
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Posted by steve (2818 days ago)
this is horrible,i hate the new shes sinking
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Posted by EpitaphREcords (2818 days ago)
i think bobsbigboy is another one of the x members from
the band thats butthurt cuz he got kicked out for being
incompitent and has nothing better to do than spy on
the bands progress and try to talk shit....
/>shes sinking has always been a talented band, i've
watched them grown, yes they have had member changes,
what bands havent? if u ask me kris's voice has alot
more opportunity because of its uniqueness, unlike the
old singer because he tried too hard, kris has a way
more friendly and confident stance on and off the

honestly, stop sitting at home
jerking off to porn and contenmplating on how to get
back at ss, get a life!
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Posted by caffine (2818 days ago)
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Posted by sid (2818 days ago)
this is some bullshit!,i want the old SS back,fuck this
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Posted by bobsbigboy14 (2818 days ago)
i think epitaphREcords is in the band
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Posted by Jesus (2819 days ago)

Jesus Christ has spoken
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Posted by EpitaphREcords (2819 days ago)
this band is amazing, on and off the stage, they have
sheer unequivacle talent that is mastermined by edgy
slick riffs that only a god could have wrote.
flachrocker2012 needs to watch more south park because
right now he's pulling a kanye west, (for those of you
who aren't aware, kanye's a gay fish)
/>secondly, Matt is by far the sweetest most lovable
man in the whole world, and so is Kris, his blue heart
piercing eyes make even the lamest people *cough cough*
flashrocker 2012 submit into a calm cute cuddly teddy
bare phisiological state of mind.

i love
flashrock! and i love shes sinking! may they live
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Posted by sheissunk (2819 days ago)
this is bad, i agree with oceangiant i dont know whats
worse. this band sunk...
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Posted by DEX (2819 days ago)
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Posted by OceanGiant (2819 days ago)
i dunno what was worse the performance or the interview
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Posted by Flashrocker2012 (2819 days ago)
Well Matthew, if anyone like myself has watch flash
rock as much as I had they would know the who is a host
on the show and a brought in host.

Also I
do know people for flashrock and they have never told
me about bringing in anyone new.

Enjoy your
day Matthew.

Please research before you
start jumping to conclusions
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Posted by Opiate (2819 days ago)
wha?...this isint the shes sinking i remember...meh
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Posted by Matthew (2819 days ago)
hahaha flashrocker2012 u just screwed your identity
over by saying bringing your own host cuz no where does
it say we brought our own host and u just joined 20 min
ago and its a similar screenname compaired to the
earlier one that just joined and said the samething in
less detail seriously get a life

Have a nice
day! :)
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Posted by Flashrocker2012 (2819 days ago)
So pretty much... You brought your own host to the show

1. You needed someone to hype you
up because your music sure didn't
2. Flash Rock
didn't want you to sexually or verbally annoy or touch.

3. She's ugly so it doesn't really help. />
From a musicians stand point your band is VERY
untalented to be honest, The amount of effort it would
take to get you up to par would clearly be as much
effort as trying to cure cancer it's just not going to
happen anytime soon.

From a consumer I
wouldn't buy your record after listen to the first
track, It's been done before a million times and a
quickly dying trend. (Move on to the new trend of the

I'm not point fingers at anyone member
in this band because all together you just ruin it />
Vocalist - Take vocal lessons
Guitarist -
Don't hide under a wah pedal
Learn to play your
instrument then come back to this
Bassist - Lose
all the rack gear your tone is sicking
Drummer -

I can go on for days
with things this band would need to do, but clearly
they are beating a dead horse.
Three videos
member changes every time I think its time you kids
gave it up and moved on with your lives.
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Posted by flashrock (2819 days ago)
oooh the drama...thanks everyone for watchin;)
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Posted by bobsbigboy14 (2820 days ago)
I was not in the band, but i think a common thing in
the thread is how many memmbers you guys go through..
no band who goes through members at that rate goes
anywhere because you never have the time to get good
(which is clearly seen in this video). i give it 3
months before you change another member (hopefully the
singer or the bassist) bc that kid can't play for shit.
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Posted by DrewHeiss (2820 days ago)
even though the bassist is off i like your guys sound
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Posted by SeekandDestroy (2820 days ago)
I'm glad Stewert is back!!!
I show your first show
at the Nitty Gritty
and stopped following you guys
when you changed singers.
You lost your balls
when you lost Stewert!
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Posted by CrystalJean (2820 days ago)
Ii think it's cool! :)

The red head is
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Posted by Matthew (2820 days ago)
Haha i love all that fake profiles to either talk shit
or talk good about the band

flashrockfan34 and bobsbigboy14

you can
definetly tell that its a past member bitter about
things and should just get over it!

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Posted by Def1 (2820 days ago)
Does no one like staying in this band,every video they
have new members?
not even half as good as the
other vids,get the good singer back
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Posted by downontheupside (2820 days ago)
What the hell happened to this band? :(
where did
the good singer go?
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Posted by Flashrockfan34 (2820 days ago)
I must say after watching the two other videos now this
one I am severely dissapointed in that this band has
become. For starters the melody has been taken out of
all the vocals I must say that was the biggest problem
in my opinion then you can clearly hear the bassist
inability to keep time and be in the pocket.Also during
the 1st song did the singer even have lyrics for the
verses? The drummer I don't have much bad to say about
just a little more work with a click and it would be
really good he seems to speed up and slow down but that
may be from following the lead guitar player who seems
to have no sense of time so I won't fault the drummer
to much for that. Another thing I noticed the lead
guitar player seemed to only use maybe 3 notes on most
his "solo's" if you can call them that you might want
to trying learning some scales and having songs in
other keys might change it up a little bit so
everything doesn't sound so monotone. Well that's my
thoughts on the video sorry for the long length but I
am not a fan of this lineup but it seems the lineup if
different in each video so ill assume the next lineup
will be better because I don't think it could be any
worse then this.
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Posted by KeVo (2820 days ago)
I really enjoyed it! the guitarist rips!!!
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Posted by Jen10 (2820 days ago)
MATT!!! You still owe me a T-shirt!!! I better get that

Good job on the video! <3
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Posted by Racheal (2820 days ago)
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Posted by sarahonefourthree (2820 days ago)
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Posted by kimi (2820 days ago)
I think this is really entertaining and i really like
the screaming!
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Posted by Pat (2820 days ago)
I agree with the last two guys, i was actually exited
for a minute but i thought it was the old line up
couldnt even get through one song.... boo
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Posted by bobsbigboy14 (2820 days ago)
this is horrible, I remember watching the last 2 videos
and the band was actually decent and had a good its back to a bunch of kids playing crappy
music that everyone else plays... the singer is the
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Posted by thequietplace (2820 days ago)
wait what the hell happened to the members from the
other video?... damn that red head chick could scream
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Posted by rickdick (2820 days ago)
ehhhh it's alright
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Posted by Tiffheartsu (2820 days ago)
YOu GuYs aRe SeXY!
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Posted by TimmyBug (2820 days ago)
the opening sounds like guns n roses! but i like it!
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Posted by SLAYERfoLyFE (2820 days ago)
I dont really like this style of music but i def like
the direction your going from previous vids!
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Posted by Jessicaschultz (2820 days ago)
I like this singer much better!!
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Posted by sillyman (2820 days ago)
I had to sign up for this thing just so i can say how
awesome my boys did!!!!!

Whose that on

Can't wait for Black Gold to
come out!!!
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Posted by geroge (2820 days ago)
I'm glad you guys brought back Home is where the heart
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